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Importing Decorations from Turkey: Advantages, Conditions, and Detailed Steps

Importing decorations from Turkey offers profitable opportunities with elegant, competitively priced products, maintaining superior quality for an exceptional customer experience.

The wholesale import of decorations from Turkey has witnessed significant demand from markets lately, especially from Arab countries, as Turkish decorations have captivated them with their unique beauty and exquisite details that are unparalleled.


Turkish decor shines with its unique elegance and striking durability. Many decor importers prefer Turkish products due to the use of natural materials and quality wood in many of their designs, reflecting positively on Turkey's transformation into a preferred destination for exporting decorations.

In this article, Decorner presents you with various details to further acquaint you with Turkish decorations and their aesthetics, along with everything related to the steps and conditions for importing decorations from Turkey.


Advantages of Turkish Decorations

Turkish decorations possess numerous advantages, making them the focus of consumers seeking to beautify their homes with luxurious decorations and modern Turkish furnishings.

Some of the most notable features of Turkish decorations include:

·      Simple elegance and subtle color gradients with refined taste.

·      Maximizing the use of narrow spaces in homes, especially within small apartments.

·      Ensuring beautiful harmony between furniture, wall colors, and lighting shapes, enhancing luxury and sophistication in home design.

·      Diverse models and delicate, beautiful products in Turkish decorations, with designs that blend harmoniously with various upholstery styles and finishes.

·      Creativity in modern Turkish decoration forms, whether in interior design or in beautifying gardens and landscapes, making them suitable for various tastes and uses and reflecting the modern spirit of artistic design.

·      Renewal of traditional ideas in Turkish decoration designs by integrating some traditional Ottoman styles with modern ideas and elements to achieve an elegant and exciting appearance.

Types of Turkish Decorations

Let's now explore some of the famous styles and types of Turkish decorations used in furnishing residential apartments and their finishes:


1-  Turkish Carpets

Among the most famous and beautiful styles of Turkish decorations worldwide, Turkish carpets remain the preferred choice for every Turkish home due to their unique designs and stunning attention to artistic details that enhance their beauty.


2-  Luxurious Turkish Furniture Pieces

Such as importing Turkish living room sets in wholesale, reception and hospitality rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, offices, dining tables, and coffee tables, which constitute a large part of the preferred choices in Turkish homes.

The decorator should consider the harmony of wooden furniture colors with other household elements and decorations in general.


3-  Lighting Types and Styles

Such as bold lamp shapes and luxurious Turkish crystal chandeliers, defy time with their elegance and diversity, making the place peaceful, bright, and elegant.

They specialize in various colors and components that can be easily coordinated with various furniture and decoration styles.


4-  Antiques, Eastern Items, and Other Home Accessories

Such as mosaic masterpieces, gift boxes, Eastern antiques, replicas of natural and historical sculptures, brassware, colored and glazed glass... Turkish markets are rich in Eastern-made products, antiques, chandeliers, brassware, table linens, curtains, and many other exquisite home accessories.


Benefits of Importing Decorations from Turkey

The idea of importing decorations from Turkey has attracted the attention of wholesalers due to the numerous advantages these captivating products offer, including:

1-  Professionalism and meticulous details in the manufacture of Turkish decorations.

2-  The variety of Turkish models blend perfectly with Arab, especially Eastern designs.

3-  High expertise and superior skills in Turkish furniture and home accessories factories, as well as traditional Turkish craftsmen.

4-  Competitive and reasonable prices that embody a perfect balance between high quality and cost suitable for all budgets, in all beautiful Turkish decoration pieces.

5-  Ease of export, shipping procedures, and fast delivery of decoration accessories with guaranteed safety.

6-  The exchange rate difference, which always favors investors, is due to the continuous and rapid increase in the value of the US dollar against the Turkish lira in recent years.