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Are you seeking genuine real estate investment opportunities that fit your budget for residential or investment purposes? Welcome! You've come to the right place with Decorner's real estate opportunities service in Turkey.

Real estate for sale in Türkiye | Real opportunities

Decorner's real estate opportunities service will open wide doors for you to experience a unique and innovative investment in the Turkish real estate market.

It aims to meet and exceed the needs of valued clients by curating a selection of the finest properties for sale in Turkey. This is achieved through our expertise and close relationships with major Turkish construction companies.


What is the Real Estate Opportunities service in Türkiye?

Real Estate Opportunities Service in Turkey offers you distinctive real estate opportunities through genuinely rare and exclusive property deals not typically available through conventional real estate agents.

These opportunities are tailored to fit your budget and achieve your investment goals. Our residential, commercial, and investment properties boast strategic locations within leading complexes and projects that feature integrated facilities and excellent services.


How does the Real Estate Opportunities service work in Türkiye?

We ensure that the real estate investment process in Turkey is quick and comfortable for you through a clear and transparent series of steps that guarantee your complete satisfaction:


1-  Listening to Your Needs and Desires

Through direct communication, we precisely identify your requirements and preferences. Then, we analyze these needs, offering suitable suggestions and advice for the subsequent steps.


2-  Finding Suitable Opportunities

We search for real estate opportunities that match your criteria, budget, and goals. We evaluate these opportunities based on quality, price, location, return on investment, and risks.

Subsequently, we compile a shortlist of suitable property opportunities from our exclusive investment portfolio and provide recommendations tailored to your needs. We present both the positives and negatives transparently during online or in-person property tours to view suitable projects and properties.


3-  Presentation and Negotiation

Upon your final selection, we stand by your side to secure the best possible price through negotiations. We ensure the final offer is documented in writing and swiftly reserve the chosen property with a simple down payment.


4-  Legal and Financial Procedures

Our legal team and our after-sales services team will review the property’s status with the Land Registry Department to ensure the validity of the ownership, and that there are no signs of seizure on it, or any other problems.

Then, we'll translate your documents into Turkish, authenticate them with a Turkish notary, and review and authenticate the contracts.

Additionally, we'll assist in opening a bank account at a Turkish bank to facilitate the transfer of funds from the buyer's account to the seller's account, ensuring the issuance of a new title deed to the new buyer reliably and securely.


5- Delivery and Follow-Up

We won't leave you halfway or at the end of the journey! We ensure you receive the property keys after verifying all agreed-upon conditions and specifications.

Post-delivery, we'll continue to follow up to ensure your complete satisfaction and provide any additional services you might need, such as maintenance, interior design, decoration, or property management.


6- Turkish Citizenship through Real Estate Investment

If your new property meets the requirements of the new Turkish citizenship law, we'll assist you in obtaining Turkish investor residency and submit the application for Turkish citizenship for you and your family members.

These procedures will be supervised by a specialized Turkish lawyer in Turkish citizenship matters, and you'll receive Turkish ID cards and powerful Turkish passports for each family member within an estimated period of around 90 days.


What distinguishes the real estate opportunities service in Türkiye?

Decorner's Real Estate Opportunities Service in Turkey boasts numerous advantages that make it the top choice for clients seeking innovative and profitable real estate investments. Some of these include:


1- Experience and Credibility

At Decorner, we possess extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the Turkish real estate market. We hold a strong reputation and have solid relationships with the management of numerous high-end residential and commercial complexes.

We are committed to strict ethical and legal standards in our operations, safeguarding the rights of all parties involved.


2- Rare Real Estate Deals

We meticulously select properties to provide exceptional and rare deals that cater to your needs and surpass your expectations. We offer distinctive and exclusive properties known for their strategic locations, integrated facilities, comprehensive services, and competitive prices.


3- Transparent Pricing

We are dedicated to offering genuine prices without inflated additions or unjustified commissions, ensuring that each deal is profitable for you. We compare prices and negotiate with sellers and intermediaries to secure the best terms and prices in your favor.


Benefit from exceptional real estate opportunities in Turkey today with Decorner. Contact us for a free consultation that will place the world of real estate investment in your hands through a unique and innovative approach.


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