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Being deeply rooted in the Turkish market for decades, we possess a profound understanding of its intricacies.

We know exactly where the best opportunities lie! Should you seek wholesale imports of Turkish furniture, you've landed in the perfect spot. Welcome to Decorner, your gateway to an expansive realm of exquisite options.

Moreover, we cater to construction firms by supplying a comprehensive range of wholesale building materials, finishing touches, and decorative elements sourced from Turkey. Our offerings encompass doors, parquet flooring, Turkish timber, marble, and marble, all offered at competitive prices without compromising on quality.


Who stands to benefit from the wholesale supply of Turkish furniture?

Are you in search of wholesale sources for Turkish furniture?

Do you aim to elevate your hotel or furnished apartment buildings to a new level of luxury?

Are you considering a complete overhaul of office furniture in your company?

For all these specific needs and more, we at Decorner are delighted to introduce our service of exporting top-tier Turkish furniture brands renowned for their luxury and sophistication just for you.

Our services cater to wholesale furniture traders worldwide and local importers who prefer to import furniture from Turkey, including:

      Wholesale furniture stores

      Bulk wholesale furniture

      Importing office furniture from Turkey

      Importing household furniture from Turkey

      Importing bedrooms from Turkey


Exporting Turkish furniture wholesale from Decorner to the world!

At Decorner, we specialize in providing wholesale Turkish furniture for major residential complexes and commercial projects.

We offer a unique experience in optimizing your spaces with the most exquisite furniture pieces, decor, and high-quality building materials sourced from the finest luxury brands and home and office furniture brands in Turkey.


Istikbal Turkish Furniture | The greatest example of luxury and elegance

If your goal is to purchase bedrooms from Turkey, the renowned Turkish brand Istikbal offers excellent options. It's a well-established Turkish furniture company with both local and global prominence. We facilitate the import of hotel furniture from Turkey through this company and other Turkish furniture factories upon request.

Moreover, Istikbal furniture combines authenticity with modern design, presenting unique pieces that cater to diverse tastes while achieving the perfect balance between artistic beauty and contemporary functionality. These pieces suit various hotel and furnished apartment settings, offering high quality at competitive prices.


We select our suppliers with care and attention

Our suppliers boast exceptional quality and diverse, rich collections. We take pride in collaborating with them to offer Turkish furniture and building materials of outstanding standards. Carefully selected materials and skillfully crafted pieces contribute to the outcome resembling exquisite works of beauty and elegance!


Various options to choose the most suitable for you

If you're seeking the best furniture factory in Turkey, we provide diverse sources with different designs to suit various tastes and desired economic levels. Offering global supply services ensures our premium Turkish furniture reaches your warehouses and projects anywhere worldwide.

Moreover, we believe in the importance of uniqueness. Hence, we offer you the option to customize orders, quantities, and designs precisely according to your needs. This is facilitated by collaborating with elite factories and reputable Turkish furniture import companies, ensuring adherence to precise delivery schedules, agreed-upon specifications, and established standards.


The most beautiful luxuries and the finest Turkish home supplies and accessories

If you adore luxurious and distinctive Turkish home decor and accessories, then Decorner is the company for you! Let us assist you in importing exquisite Turkish bed linens and the latest in luxurious bed furnishings.

We take pleasure in harmonizing furniture and carefully selecting accessories that add touches of spaciousness, warmth, and beauty to interiors. This includes a variety of cushions, curtain fixtures, wall hangings, floral arrangements, chandeliers, and lighting options.

As pioneers in exporting wholesale Turkish home essentials, we offer you the finest Turkish culture and authentic artistry in details, decorations, ornaments, vases, and display items for rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. All are packaged in innovative, elegant, and protective designs.


How to import furniture from Türkiye 2024 easily with Decorner

Here's a suggested simple series of steps for furniture import from Turkey. Enjoy the selection process while we handle language barriers, saving you time, effort, and money with our exclusive discounts and beneficial partnerships with leading Turkish furniture manufacturers and global shipping companies:

1.  Reach out to Decorner, the best wholesale Turkish furniture online site.

2.  Provide us with an overview of your order details, such as:

      Turkish bedroom furniture

      Turkish living room furniture

      Turkish furniture sets

      Turkish floor furnishings

      Turkish reception furniture

      Turkish salon furniture

3.  Specify the pricing range you prefer, such as:

      Importing affordable furniture from Turkey

      Importing premium office furniture wholesale

      Importing luxury home furnishings wholesale

4.  Review the catalogs, images, and online sources we provide for Turkish furniture.

5.  Select your preferences at the best prices and leave the contract, shipping, and delivery details to us.


Advantages of the Turkish furniture supply service by Decorner

What you'll find with us exceeds your expectations and more. We offer:


High-Quality Turkish Furniture

We prioritize the quality of every piece of our Turkish furniture, carefully selected from the best factories and suppliers in Turkey.


Diverse and Unique Selections

You'll discover exceptional varieties of Turkish furniture catering to every taste, from classic to contemporary, simple to ornate, tranquil to bold.


Global Supply Services

We provide worldwide shipping for our Turkish furniture to any location globally, working only with top shipping and customs clearance companies to ensure timely delivery in excellent condition.


Customized Orders

Enjoy the freedom to choose from endless options of sizes, colors, and even packaging styles, with the ability to customize every detail of your furniture order according to your preferences and needs.


Feel free to contact us today for the best wholesale Turkish furniture supply service and take advantage of our exclusive offers and discounts.


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