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Complete Guide to the Turkish Furniture Industry: Best Companies & Import Methods

Discover what matters to you about information on the Turkish furniture industry and its unique advantages. Learn about the best furniture companies in Turkey and how to easily purchase and import furniture from them.

Turkish furniture has become one of the finest products in the world of furnishings, boasting unique and desirable features that make it an ideal and popular choice globally.

In this article from DeCorner, we will highlight these characteristics, and provide information about the distinctive Turkish furniture industry, its types, and how to import it through the easiest methods.


Information about the furniture industry in Turkey

Turkey holds a leading position in the global furniture industry, with a market size exceeding 15 billion dollars in 2020. There has been consistent growth over the past decade, with an expected annual growth rate of 10% until 2030.

It is worth mentioning that Turkey hosts a wide range of furniture manufacturers, including both large and small companies. This contributes to providing competitive products due to lower labor, material, and production costs in the country.

Furthermore, Turkish furniture manufacturers have heavily invested in research and development, resulting in innovative designs and advanced production techniques. This has led to a high demand for Turkish furniture products.


What are the advantages of buying furniture from Turkey?

The eye is drawn to the beauty of Turkish furniture, and there is an increasing demand to own it, thanks to the following advantages:

1.  Precision in manufacturing, coupled with exquisite design.

2.  Careful attention to achieving a balance between beauty and functionality.

3.  Easier to transport compared to others.

4.  Astonishing diversity in designs and styles, catering to various requirements and tastes.

5.  Long-lasting, due to the quality of materials used in its manufacture and its durability.

Before making any purchasing decisions, it's essential to conduct thorough research, verify the reputation of specific manufacturers, and consider your specific needs and preferences. Additionally, as market conditions may change, it's advisable to check for the most recent information and reviews about Turkish furniture suppliers.


Types of Turkish Furniture that can be imported

The Turkish furniture market offers a diverse range of desirable, attractive, and practical options, including:

·       Classic Turkish furniture.

·       Modern Turkish furniture.

·       Luxury Turkish furniture.

·       Turkish bedroom furniture.

·       Turkish living room furniture.

·       Turkish home furnishings.

·       Turkish furniture sets.

·       Turkish floor furnishings.

·       Turkish salon furniture.

·       Importing hotel furniture from Turkey.


5 of the Best Turkish Furniture Companies

The furniture and upholstery industry in Turkey has witnessed tremendous expansion and astonishing growth. Many companies have risen to high levels of fame, including:


İstikbal Reception Company

Established in 1989, İstikbal has become a leading Turkish brand in the home furniture industry, gaining international fame due to its regional and global expansion.


Çilek Company

Shining in furnishing complete rooms of various types, including bedrooms, children's rooms, and living rooms.


Vivense Company

Occupying a distinguished place as a specialist in producing home furniture, kitchens, and offices.


Koçtaş Company

An ideal destination to find all furniture needs and home essentials down to the smallest details, known for its widespread.


Bellona Company

Established for over 25 years with the purpose of producing high-quality Turkish furniture.


Turkish Furniture Prices

The prices of Turkish furniture vary and depend on several factors, including:

·       The type of furniture intended for purchase.

·       The size of the furnishings.

·       Types of materials and coatings.

·       Types of accessories.

It is worth noting that furniture prices in Turkey are equally attractive and competitive when compared to other countries. They are distinguished by high quality that aligns with modern designs.

If you would like further clarification on prices, we would be delighted to have direct communication with the Decorner team. We can provide you with the best options at prices that suit your needs.


7 Steps for Wholesale Purchase of Turkish Furniture

Importing furniture from Turkey requires continuous monitoring and adherence to precise and sequential steps. Here are the steps:

1.  Explore Furniture Suppliers in Turkey Carefully: Choose suppliers with a good reputation and a successful history.

2.  Specify Furniture Specifications: Determine the required furniture specifications, including materials, dimensions, and finishes. Provide a timeline for delivery.

3.  Negotiate Prices: Negotiate prices and understand the types of available furniture.

4.  Obtain Detailed Written Quotations: Get detailed written offers that include all aspects of the deal, including specifications, prices, and payment terms.

5.  Carefully Inspect Furniture Before Shipping: Examine the furniture carefully before shipping to ensure it matches specifications and has no defects.

6.  Organize Shipping with a Reputable Company: Arrange the shipping process with a reputable company and purchase insurance for the furniture to protect it during transportation.

7.  Prepare for Customs Clearance: Prepare for the customs clearance process and hire a customs broker to facilitate the procedures.


Decorner - Your Ideal Partner for Turkish Furniture Supply

Instead of the tedious efforts of handling import procedures on your own, consider turning to Decorner. Benefit from our wholesale Turkish furniture supply service.

We believe that we can be your perfect partner in this journey, helping you import the finest Turkish furniture through the easiest means and at the best prices. We ensure that you achieve your goals with peace of mind!

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