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Modern Arabic Villa Design

Al Oud Villa is a model of interior design that combines authenticity and modernity. It represents a modern Arab villa in Dubai, incorporating natural materials and intricate engineering details from the wonders of Decorner.

"Al Oud" embodies a modern Arabic villa design situated in Dubai, proudly standing as a precious gem nestled on Jumeirah Island. Between the sea waves and desert sands, it intricately weaves together the tales of both the past and present.


Al Oud has a rich symbolism

Al Oud Villa in Dubai was designed by the engineers at Decorner, drawing inspiration from its creative lines and stunning colors from the concept of oud smoke rising from the traditional Arabian incense burner. This is due to oud's significance, associated with Arab and Islamic heritage, symbolizing authenticity, continuity, rootedness, and luxury.


An interior design journey through time

Through the design of this luxurious Arabian villa, you'll witness a unique blend that combines Islamic and modern styles, inspired by the symbolism of oud smoke. Additionally, it integrates contemporary touches that cater to the needs of modern families.


The Villa Design | Fluidity and Beauty

The villa's design stands out with its flowing lines, drawn from the undulations of oud smoke, meticulously and carefully integrated with Islamic ornaments.


Colors Inspired by Nature

In the design of luxurious villas, we often use natural colors. In this interior design, we've employed vibrant hues inspired by oud wood, incorporating neutral colors and a contrasting shade, such as brown, honey, beige, and sky blue.


Natural materials in harmony with the environment

The designers at Decorner are keen on using natural materials that align with the country's environment and the project's concept, such as marble, wood, steel, and gypsum.


Modernity without Forsaking Roots

In this design, Decorner considered the needs of modern families while retaining and showcasing an Eastern character with a modern touch.


Amazing result

Al Oud Villa represents an artistic masterpiece that embodies the connection between the richness of the past and the present. It reflects a refined taste and a deep understanding of Arab heritage.


Oud Villa Designs of sections

We exerted maximum effort in attending to even the smallest details to ensure a complete impression of luxury and cultural richness from the first step into the villa to every space within it.

Our passion and dedication to high-level engineering were harnessed, blending seamlessly with the essence of the Arabian East in its sections. This commitment is evident across all areas and intricate features, including:

Design of the Entrance in Al Oud Villa

Upon crossing the threshold of the villa, visitors are welcomed by a luxurious entrance with a high ceiling adorned with beautiful decorations. A magnificent crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling, casting a warm glow that illuminates the area.

On either side of the entrance, there are two large windows allowing natural sunlight to enter, creating a sense of openness.


Living Room Design in the Villa

The living room stands out with its comfortable and elegant furniture, complemented by intricately handwoven carpets in hues inspired by the scent of Oud.

The room overlooks a stunning garden through floor-to-ceiling glass windows, casting soft lighting that creates a serene and relaxing atmosphere.


Dining Room Design in Al Oud Villa

Adjacent to the living room, the dining room features a luxurious design inspired by Islamic architecture. The room is adorned with an opulent crystal chandelier and a grand dining table crafted from Oud wood.

It opens onto a creatively designed outdoor terrace, offering breathtaking views of the garden.


Bedroom Design in the Arabian Villa

The bedrooms feature warm and cozy designs, utilizing tranquil and natural colors. Each bedroom is equipped with a private ensuite bathroom furnished with the latest luxury amenities and finest comforts.


Bathroom Design in the Villa

The villa's bathrooms showcase a modern yet classical style, incorporating luxurious white marble on floors and walls, adorned with beautiful Eastern motifs.


Garden in a Modern Arabic Villa Design

The villa boasts a meticulously designed garden adorned with a variety of plants and flowers, accompanied by a captivating water fountain that adds a sense of tranquility and serenity to the surroundings.


Al Oud Villa shines as a unique piece of art, narrating a dialogue between authenticity and modernity at the heart of the most luxurious neighborhoods on Jumeirah Island in Dubai


Thanks to its design that seamlessly blends traditional Eastern style with modern elements, the villa represents a journey through time, harmoniously transitioning from Eastern heritage to the contemporary present.

It utilizes natural materials and meticulous details, resulting in a stunning outcome that marries modern astonishment with deep historical roots.

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