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5 Detailed Steps to Import Furniture from Turkey Wholesale

If you are aiming to upgrade your shops with trendy and contemporary furniture, consider the option of importing furniture from Turkey. Uncover the intricacies of this process as we guide you through each step in this informative article.

Turkey's furniture industry has a rich heritage of exceptional craftsmanship, making it a top choice for furniture imports worldwide. With its vast array of options and unmatched quality, Turkey stands out as a premier destination for furniture dealers.
If you are aiming to upgrade your shop with stylish and modern furniture, importing furniture from Turkey may be the ideal option.
In this article from Decorner, we will explore together the journey of importing furniture from Turkey step by step, so stay tuned.


How to import furniture from Turkey in 5 steps

In order to succeed in importing furniture from Turkey, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Clearly define the requirements and specifications.
  2. Discuss all the details of your agreement with the supplier.
  3. Arrange the shipping process.
  4. Take care of customs procedures.
  5. Receiving Turkish furniture

Here is important information about each step.


1- Determine the requirements for importing furniture from Turkey

This step represents the preliminary stage for importing furniture from Turkey, as a number of things should be set at the beginning, and they are as follow:


1-    Types of furniture required, such as:

  • Import bedrooms from Turkey.
  • Turkish salon furniture.
  • Turkish living rooms furniture.
  • Importing hotel furniture from Turkey.
  • Importing cheap furniture, etc .


2-    Projected quantities to meet actual needs.


3-    Suitable specifications for interior decoration styles, such as:

  • Dimensions.
  • Forms.
  • Favorite décor details.


4-    Desirable colors to suit the taste of your target market.


5-    Strictly required manufacturing materials , compliant with quality standards. 


6-    Any special technical or technical requirements.

This information should be collected and organized carefully to ensure that specifications and requirements are clear and detailed, in a way that makes the process of searching for suppliers in Turkey more effective and direct.


2- Agreement with wholesale Turkish furniture suppliers

At the stage of searching for suppliers or a furniture factory in Turkey, a set of details should be taken care of to ensure the selection of the ideal business partner, as follows:

  1. Look for famous Turkish furniture brands, to rest assured that your deal worth what pay for it.
  2. Directly contact furniture importers from Turkey or furniture factories, and ask questions about available products and prices.
  3. Order samples for quality and design assessment.
  4. Investigate  the supplier's reputation, by reading ratings and reviews online, and talking to previous customers if possible.
  5. Start negotiations with more than one Turkish furniture manufacturer, compare prices and conditions.
  6. Check the necessary certificates and documents to ensure that the factory complies with industrial standards and laws.
  7. Agree on the  terms of the contract with the suppliers, which include the quantities ordered, prices, delivery time, and any other terms.
  8. Discuss payment terms, including:
    • Preferred payment method.
    • Percentage of the provider.
    • Premiums.
    • Final amount.
    • The currency used.
    • Payment schedule.
  9. Learn about the manufacturer's return policies, to ensure you can effectively deal with any issues with products.
    By carefully following these steps, the importer can get a reliable supplier and prepare well for the process of importing furniture from Turkey.


3- Arrange the shipping process

When importing furniture from Turkey, you can choose sea, air or land freight, but choosing the best means depends on:

  • Financial feasibility.
  • Available time.
  • Fast or economical shipping needs.

It is important to check the shipping company's  policies related to packaging and insurance, as  the company should be able to ensure the safety of the furnishings during the shipping and delivery process.
It is also important to use shipment tracking systems  if available to follow the movement of furniture during the trip and ensure that it arrives in a timely manner.


4- Dealing with Turkish furniture import customs

Customs is a pivotal stage in the process of importing furniture from Turkey, as importers must take careful measures to ensure the smooth entry of furniture into the country, and avoid any legal problems, including the following:


A- Preparing the necessary documents

All required documents must be prepared before the arrival of the furniture shipment, to ensure that all the requirements of the customs authorities are met, including:

  • Bill of lading.
  • Packing list.
  • Certificates of origin.


B- Payment of duties and taxes

It is important  to know the expected duties and taxes before the arrival of the shipment, so the importer should contact  the shipping company or the local customs office, or visit the official website of customs to obtain this information.


C. Customs Clearance

Upon arrival, the Turkish furniture shipment is subject  to customs clearance, by checking documents and furnishings and ensuring their compliance with customs standards.
In case of problems or queries, the importer should cooperate with the customs office to resolve these matters.
After fulfilling all customs conditions, and verifying the  integrity of the documents and furniture, the importer can extract the shipment and receive the furnishings.


5- Receiving Turkish furniture

The importer's receipt of furniture requires great attention to detail, in order topreserve his rights, and to be able to deal with any problem in the shipment of importing furniture from Turkey immediately, through:


A- Check the specifications and condition of the furniture

The importer should carefully inspect the furniture upon receipt, to ensure their safety after the transport process, and it is preferable to use a pre-prepared checklist before shipment to ensure the comprehensiveness of the inspection.
It is also necessary to verify that the furniture meets the required specifications, by comparing the products received with the specifications contracted with the  supplier.
If a difference or discrepancy in quality is observed, contact the supplier immediately to resolve the matter.


B. Transportation to the final destination

After receiving the furniture, the importer must carefully transport them to a special warehouse or to the points of sale, then organize the unloading process in a way that ensures efficiency and success.


C. Last Examination

After unloading, the final inspection of the furniture is carried out to verify that they have not suffered any damage during the transportation and unloading process.


D. Receipt Registration

Finally, the importer records the receipt of the furniture after being satisfied with its condition, and making sure that there are no problems in it, by signing a receipt paper, or by issuing an official notice thereof.
It is preferable for the importer to keep in constant contact  with the supplier, as this facilitates the resolution of any problem that may arise, and clarifies any confusion after receiving the furnishings.


How do we help you in Deccorner company to import furniture from Turkey?

If you want a seamless furniture import experience from Turkey, look no further than DeCorner. We are committed to guiding you through every step of the process, starting from understanding your needs to delivering your furniture safely. Our services include:

  1. carefully analyzing your requirements,
  2. selecting the finest furniture suppliers in Turkey,
  3. offering a wide range of furnishings in different styles and materials,
  4. providing personalized consulting to maximize the value of your imports,
  5. negotiating with suppliers for the best prices and terms,
  6. determining suitable contract and payment terms,
  7. organizing the shipping process,
  8. ensuring the safe arrival of your furnishings,
  9. providing comprehensive support during customs clearance.


If you are looking for the best website to import furniture from Turkey, trust DeCorner to be your ideal partner for importing furniture from Turkey in bulk.
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