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7 Things You Need to Know Before Wholesale Importing Turkish Living Rooms

When wholesale importing living rooms from Turkey, traders can achieve a competitive advantage and meet customer needs efficiently due to their attractiveness and quality. See full details in our article

Turkish living rooms are renowned for their eye-catching furniture that exudes luxury and elegance, making them a popular choice for many. As a result, the wholesale import of Turkish living rooms has become appealing to numerous merchants and business owners aiming to offer high-quality products with a stellar reputation to their clientele. In this DeCorner article, we will delve into all aspects concerning the purchase of Turkish living rooms in bulk, covering styles, components, materials used in manufacturing, as well as essential considerations to bear in mind when opting to import from the Turkish market.

Advantages of importing living rooms from Turkey wholesale

Merchants can gain a significant edge over competitors and effectively cater to customer demands by sourcing living room furniture from Turkey in bulk, thanks to:

1.   their precise manufacturing standards and high-quality materials.

2.   a wide array of elegant designs, Turkish living room furniture can easily meet the varied requirements of the market, providing merchants with a competitive advantage.

3.   Turkish living room furniture offers competitive pricing and affordable shipping costs, resulting in lucrative profits for distributors and merchants alike.

4.   Opting for Turkish living room sets ensures both comfort and aesthetic appeal.


Turkish Living Room Models

There are many options for wholesale importing Turkish living rooms, and here are some common types, which harmonize with interior decoration styles:


1. Heritage Classic Style

The classic décor in Turkey's living rooms is influenced by the traditional Ottoman culture, and is unique in its luxurious carved and decorated furniture, as well as delicate artistic decorations, and luxurious fabrics.


2- Turkish modern living rooms

This type is known for simplicity and elegance in design, with an emphasis on clean lines and calm colors.

When buying modern Turkish living rooms, you may find soft curves,  durable fabrics, such asfaux leather, and cotton in neutral colors.


3. Traditional rustic style

This style is famous for its simplicity and warmth, and uses natural wood and soft fabrics, such aslinen and cotton, and the furniture is predominantly rustic with touches of modern décor to create a comfortable and intimate atmosphere.


4.  Luxurious and modern style

This style is adorned with luxurious Turkish furniture and high-end accessories, such as: crystal, decorative glass, gold or silver metals, along with precious fabrics, such as velvet and silk, in a way that reflects elegance and beauty.


The finest wood for wholesale import Turkish living rooms

The choice of wood types used in manufacturing when buying Turkish living rooms depends  on quality, durability and beauty, and the following is a group of the best types of wood used in the manufacture  of Turkish living room furniture:


1. Oak wood

It is characterized by its durability and strength, in addition to its dark and beautiful color , which adds a touch of luxury and elegance to the living rooms.


2. Walnut wood

 Walnut wood was commonly used to manufacture the most beautiful Turkish living rooms because of its luxurious color and good durability.


3. Cherry wood

The warm and rich color of cherry wood makes it used in the manufacture of modern Turkish living rooms an ideal choice, it is strong and durable, and has an elegant appearance.


4. wood Beech                  

 Beech wood adds a touch of luxury to the interior design, as well as it is suitable for making Turkish living room furniture that can last long, and maintain its splendor.


5. White oak wood

White oak is unique in its light color and soft texture, making it suitable for a modern and elegant living room design.


Types of fabrics suitable for wholesale buying Turkish living rooms

The type of fabric used in manufacturing is a key factor in the success  of the wholesale Turkish living room import deal, because it determines  the character and general feel of the piece of furniture, so here are the best fabrics:


1- Cotton

Cotton is widely used in furniture upholstery, it is known for its softness and coolness, as well asits durability.


2- Wool

Wool is suitable for living room furniture with a warm and comfortable character, due to its outstanding ability to preserve heat.


3- Polyester

A type of synthetic fabric, characterized by its durability and resistance to creasion and abrasion.


4- Linen

 Strong and durable fabric, which is a popular choice for furniture upholstery, because it has a stylish appearance, and a pleasant texture.


5- Velvet

One of the finest types of fabrics that can be chosen when importing Turkish living rooms wholesale, as it has durability, long life, and softness, as well as ease of cleaning.


Color trends in Turkey’s living rooms

Turkish living rooms are characterized by their diverse and rich colors, which reflect the ancient Turkish culture, and are in line with the popular interior design trends, represented by:


1- Warm colors

Warm colors, such as (red, orange, yellow, and brown) are widely used in Turkish living rooms, because they create a feeling of warmth, comfort and welcome.


2- Bright colors

 Bright colors (blue, green, and violet) give a  touch of vitality and beauty to the  living room.


3- Neutral colors

 Neutral colors such as (white, gray, and beige) form a background for other colors, to help highlight them, and make them more attractive.


Livingroom furniture items

When importing Turkish living rooms wholesale, room  components can include a range of pieces, such as:

1.   Sofas.

2.   Low table.

3.   Traditional or modern carpets.

4.   Additional seats (chairs and individual seats) by the sofa.

5.   Decorative tables for decoration.

6.   Curtains.

7. Accessories, including paintings, vases, candles.


Guidelines for importing wholesale Turkish living rooms

You must take care of a number of things when importing furniture from Turkey, to get the easiest deal that can bring you profits, and here are the most important of them:

1.   Find reliable suppliers, wholesale supply of living rooms from Turkey.

2.   Analyze quotations and quality from different suppliers.

3.   Make sure the materials used in the manufacture of living rooms, such as wood and fabric, are of the quality.

4.   Select the specifications you are looking for  to buy Turkish living rooms, such as size, design, color, and texture.

5.   Send your inquiries to potential suppliers, and make sure there is a smooth and efficient communication.

6.   Order samples of products for quality assessment.

7.   Try to negotiate the best prices and terms, while maintaining the quality of the furniture.

8.   Ask for clear shipping  and delivery details, including costs and expected delivery time.

9.   Check our shipping and insurance policies to ensure goods arrive safely at their destination.

10.                  Verify all necessary documents and licenses, such as purchase invoices and certificates of origin.

11.                  Ensure compliance with all local and international regulations and laws related to import.

12.                  Request information about after-sales service, including product warranty and maintenance services.

13.                  Clearly and accurately agree on a payment term that are convenient for you.

By following these tips, you can achieve sustainable success in importing Turkish living rooms wholesale, and ensure that customers are satisfied with the products you offer.

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