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All you need to know about classic decor

Classic decor stands out as a style that has been unique in its dazzling elegance throughout the ages. Discover its most important elements and some tips for using it

Decor is a form of artistic expression that showcases one's taste and lifestyle. It goes beyond mere aesthetics and plays a vital role in defining the essence and identity of a space. By carefully selecting colors, furniture, and intricate details, one can enhance the beauty of their surroundings and truly reflect their personality and preferences.

Among the various styles, classic decor always stands out with its timeless elegance that has captivated people throughout the ages. 

In this article from DeCorner, we will explore the aesthetics of classic decor and its most important elements, in addition to reviewing some tips and guidelines for achieving this style in modern residences.

What is classic decor?

Classic decor originated in the 17th century and is known for its luxurious and sophisticated interior design style, drawing inspiration from ancient civilizations like Roman and Greek.

Features of classic decor

Classic decor encompasses remarkable attributes that render it a superb option for individuals seeking a space adorned with unparalleled beauty and timeless elegance. Below are a few prominent features of classic decor:


1- Luxury and elegance

Classic decor is known for its luxurious furniture and elegant designs, which give any place a sense of sophistication and tranquility.


2- Consistency and balance

Traditional design ensures a harmonious blend of various elements like furniture, lighting, and decor accessories to maintain consistency and balance.


3- Comfort and warmth

Warm colors and soft materials are used in classic decor, giving the space a sense of comfort and warmth.


3- Long life

Classic furniture is characterized by its high quality and endurance for many years, not to mention its designs that are suitable for different times, and the popular interior design trends.


Disadvantages of classic decor

Despite the beauty and luxury of the classic decor, it has some disadvantages that should be taken into account before choosing it among the interior decoration styles, which are:


1- High cost

Classic decor is one of the most expensive interior design styles, due to the use of luxurious natural materials and handmade furniture, it requires a high  cost to obtain furniture, and original decorative details.


2- The need for a large area

Classic decor often needs  large  spaces to stand out, which means that it is not suitable for small spaces or apartments with limited space.


3- Difficulty in cleaning and maintenance

The intricate designs and subtle decorative details in the classic decor cause cleaning and maintenance hassle, challenging to maintain a high level of cleanliness and brilliance in the place.


Types of classic decor

The classic style in interior design includes several types, reflecting a richness in authentic designs and diverse cultures, and here is a look at some of the prominent styles of classic decor:


1- Classic French decor

Classic French decor is characterized  by:

-       Luxury and sophistication.

-       Carved and decorative wooden furniture.

-       Calm and warm colors.

-       Luxurious fabrics, such as velvet and silk.


2- Classic English style

It is best known for:

-       Warmth and comfort.

-       Decorative wooden furniture.

-       Warm colors.

-       Comfortable fabrics such as wool and linen.


3- Classic Italian style

Praised for:

-       Luxury and elegance.

-       Wooden furniture carved with geometric shapes.

-       Dark colors, such as gold and brown.

-       Technical details in the walls and ceiling.


4- Classic Greek style

Known for:

-       Deriving inspiration from ancient Greek art.

-       Using Corinthian and Ionic columns.

-       The use of marble and light colors.

-       Balance and simplicity.


5- Classic Spanish style

-       Combines Islamic and Christian elements.

-       Uses warm and earthy colors.

-       It is characterized by arches and geometric motifs.


The most prominent elements of interior design in classic decor

Here are the most  commonly used interior design elements in classic decor:

-       Decorative coffee tables.

-       High-quality fabrics.

-       Ornaments on furniture and walls.

-       Heavy curtains with luxurious fabrics.

-       Classic chandeliers made of luxurious materials such as crystals.

-       Stylish table lamps.

-       Carpets with classic patterns and warm colors.

-       Unique works of art, such as statues or oil paintings.


Tips when adopting classic decor in modern homes

To create a cherished space adorned with the timeless elegance of classic modern decor, we suggest paying attention to the following aspects:

-       Maintain a balance between classic and modern elements.

-       Adopt warm and rich colors, such as brown, gold, and cream.

-       Choose unique classic pieces of furniture, and place them in a way that highlights their beauty.

-       Avoid over-detailing decoratively.

-       Use heavy curtains and luxurious furnishings to add sophistication to the space.

-       Place chandeliers and lamps that fit the classic character in a smart way.

-       Use architectural details on the walls, such as arches and decorative columns.

-       Use dark wooden or marble floors with decorative details.

-       Add classic masterpieces to complete the decor and enhance the authentic character.

-       Balance comfort and classicism, through the use of modern technology.

-       Take care to arrange the furniture in such a way as to create negative space.

By following these tips, you can achieve  a perfect harmony between classic and modern style in your home, giving you a stylish and comfortable space.


Luxurious Classic Space with Decorner

When you choose Decorner to create your spaces, you will receive a personalized space that reflects your personality and meets your desired style, particularly if you appreciate classic design and value sophistication and elegance. 

So contact us now, and have the finest interior design service in Turkey!


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