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Design of a Two-Bedroom and a Living Room Apartment

The Yedi Mavi apartment is a model for modern interior design through the design of a two-bedroom and a living room apartment in European Istanbul, using natural materials and simple details that give a sense of spaciousness.

Have you ever envisioned residing in a luxurious apartment with a breathtaking vista where the sea and sky meet? That's precisely what we encountered in this charming apartment, lacking nothing but the touches of meticulous interior design. Here's what our team at Decorner has created within it.


About Yedi Mavi apartment designs

"Yedi Mavi" is a magnificent waterfront real estate project in the heart of European Istanbul. Within it, we executed the design of a two-bedroom and a living room apartment tailored for a small family of a couple with a newborn, meticulously considering every captivating detail while maximizing every corner flawlessly.

The Yedi Mavi apartment stands as one of Decorner's leading interior and exterior design creations, characterized by practical layouts despite its limited space. It encompasses two bedrooms, a versatile living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom.


The glam design for a two-bedroom and a living room apartment

We designed this apartment to perfectly suit our client's needs and desires, aiming to reflect the personality and unique taste of the new resident. Embracing the glam style, we aimed to infuse sophistication and luxury into the apartment, regardless of its size. Our engineers at Decorner drew inspiration from this beautiful interior design concept.

Glam design is all about opulence, luxury, and a touch of extravagance. It often features lavish elements like mirrored surfaces, metallic finishes, crystal chandeliers, plush textiles, and bold, elegant furniture. The color palette tends to include rich jewel tones like deep purples, emerald greens, and royal blues, paired with metallic gold or silver accents. Glam design embraces drama and sophistication, creating spaces that feel glamorous, lavish, and effortlessly chic.

Designing a Multi-Purpose Living Room

This is the perfect space for entertaining guests, unwinding, and relishing the breathtaking sea view. The living room is furnished with elegant and luxurious pieces, accentuated by wall patterns that highlight the lofty ceiling. Adorning the walls with fabric panels embedded with steel strips, they reflect light, adding radiance and vibrancy whether day or night.

Chandeliers and pendant lights delicately hanging at a lower height benefit from the metallic touch spread throughout, offering a soft, comforting illumination. Carefully selecting the room's furniture, we ensured it was lightweight and practical to optimize small spaces. A large, comfortable sofa with sky-blue cushions was intentionally placed to harmonize with the colors of the sea and sky.

In the center, a set of round coffee tables with metallic bases exude modernity and simplicity. Nestled in a corner of the room, a large dining table in a light beige hue, featuring a single central base surrounded by comfortable velvet-upholstered chairs with tall metallic legs, coordinates with the other furniture pieces and decor in the room.

To evenly distribute light in a balanced and beautiful manner, a brass standing floor lamp was placed at one side, its spherical head echoing the dangling spheres of the ceiling chandelier, adding a touch of warmth and romance on moonlit nights.


Designing a Baby Room

As you may have noticed, all furniture pieces are child-friendly, devoid of sharp edges, and everything is soft, plush, and comfortable for a baby starting to crawl and take their first steps.

Likewise, the baby's room was designed as a comfortable and enjoyable space for play and serene sleep. Situated right after the sitting area and the reception, the nursery was crafted to provide a cozy and fun environment.

For the walls, we chose a beloved pattern depicting tall forest trees adorned with green leaves, featuring elegant and adorable cartoon characters. It feels like a delightful adventure for the tiny resident, filled with joy, vitality, and activity with cheerful forest friends.

The wooden furniture pieces are accented with touches of green, along with toy boxes inspired by Montessori-style drawers. Additionally, there's a green rocking chair where the mother lovingly reads bedtime stories to her little one.


Master bedroom design

At the end of the apartment lies the master bedroom, a haven of luxury, comfort, and beauty. It feels as though the sleeper is floating above the clouds due to the abundance of meticulously designed serene details.

The lighting and walls harmonize with the metallic upholstered style of the living area but with a softer touch. Mirrors are seamlessly integrated, cabinets discreetly concealed, adorned with refined colors, and delicate feminine style.

The grand bed with its pristine white bedding resembles a luxurious wedding gown, flanked by two elegant bedside tables, each topped with hanging metallic side lamps, ingeniously suspended from the ceiling uniquely and innovatively.


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