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5 Rules to get the Best Kitchen Interior Design

The best kitchen interior design needs attention to details, and taking into account several factors, so you can get a beautiful and functional kitchen.

Having the best kitchen interior is a fun challenge that requires careful thinking and systematic planning, as the kitchen is not only a place for cooking, but also a forum for intimate family meetings.

In this article from the DeCorner blog, we will explore the most important rules for perfect kitchen designs, as well as the most popular styles of their design, along with some mistakes that should be avoided to reach a balance between beauty and function at the same time.


5 basic rules to get the best kitchen interior design

To achieve a stunning and practical kitchen, meticulous attention to detail and careful consideration of various factors are essential. Here, we present 5 fundamental guidelines for kitchen decoration:


1. Good space planning

The space in the kitchen should allow for smooth and efficient movement, and this can be achieved by:

-       Use the "working triangle" principle that places the stove, refrigerator and washbasin at its corners, in a way that is easy to navigate between them.

-       You should also take care of providing enough space to open doors and drawers without obstacles.


2. Efficient storage

Choose cabinets and drawers to suit your needs and preferences, and take advantage of deep voids and corners by installing swivel cabinets or innovative storage systems.


3. Bioluminescence

Good lighting adds to the kitchen décor a comfortable atmosphere, and creates an attractive space, not to mention its practical importance, so it is preferable to use direct lighting above the cooking area, and suitable lighting in the rest of the space.


4. Quality of manufacturing materials

If you are on a kitchen interior design trip, choose materials that are resistant to moisture and heat, and are also easy to clean, such as granite and treated wood, and make sure that the surfaces are not slippery to maintain safety while working in the kitchen.


5. Hygienic ventilation

It is necessary to provide an excellent ventilation system in home kitchen designs, as it helps to remove unpleasant odors, smoke and moisture that are generated when cooking food. 

They also reduce the accumulation of fat and grease on walls and ceilings, keeping the kitchen clean, and extending the life of furniture and equipment.

To provide good ventilation when designing a kitchen interior, the following can be adopted:

-       Use fan-powered ventilation system.

-       Install a ventilation system that is built into the ceiling or wall.

-       Provide ventilation outlets in a convenient place in the walls or windows to enable the flow of fresh air from the outside and the egression of polluted air.


The most popular styles of kitchen designs

There are different styles of kitchen interior design, which suit popular interior design trends, and suit the personal preferences. Following are some common styles in kitchen design:


1. Modern kitchen designs

Modern kitchen décor is characterized by simplicity of design, with an emphasis on clean lines and soothing colors.

It uses:

-       Modern materials, such as stainless steel, glass, and aluminum.

-        In addition to contemporary technology, such as: smart devices and LED lighting systems.


2. Classic kitchen design  

 The classic décor in kitchen design reflects tradition and originality, especially with natural wood and decorative details.

In addition to the use of warm colors, such as brown, beige and olive green, not to mention the high cabinets and large dining tables.


3. Rustic kitchen interior design

The rustic kitchen décor is inspired by the beauty of countryside life style, which provides a feeling of warmth and relaxation.

Natural wood is also widely used, with an emphasis on handmade details and natural patterns, as well as warm colors.


4. American Kitchen Design

American kitchens are characterized by:

-       Its unique style that combines practicality, elegance and comfort.

-       Its spacious, open and versatile space, which allows for the flow of movement and communication between family members and guests.

-       Ample natural light,creating a feeling of warmth and freshness.

-       Large wooden cabinets and a spacious counterin the middle.

-       Providing a variety of materials, colors and finishes, which allow customizing the interior design to suit personal taste.

-       Modern equipment, such as high-quality cooking appliances and efficient ventilation systems.